Ravynn K. Stringfield, Ph.D. is a writer, artist and professor based in Virginia. Before she sold her debut young adult contemporary romance, LOVE IN 280 CHARACTERS OR LESS, to Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan, Ravynn was an avid blogger. She blogged at Black Girl Does Grad School from 2016-2022 during her graduate program in American Studies. These days, you can find her teaching media studies at a small liberal arts college in Virginia by day, and editing her novels, writing essays and illustrating adorable Black girls by night.

This is a space for her long form thoughts that don’t quite fit on Twitter and don’t quite meet the requirements for published CNF. You’ll likely find a variety of posts here: musings, critical essays, reviews, lists and recommendations, first looks at art and other writings that may struggle to find a home.

For more about Ravynn, please visit her website or follow her on Twitter.


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Writer, Artist, Professor || Hazelnut Latte Enthusiast, Genghis' Human, Lois Lane Apologist